Male for female at the bookstore

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This timely work propels our understanding of African American men and women beyond the crossro. A masterful examination of the myths and socio-political causes of discord between Black men and women. In Focusing, Dr. Aldridge has provided that model.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This urban political thriller tells the story of a Vietnam War veteran and inner city high school teacher and his struggle to save the endangered life of one of his former students. American blacks set sail to the island to begin a new life, only to see it sink again before they can reach the shore. On the return trip to America, the passengers draw up a list of principles called the Afrolantica Legacies, defining how they want to reposition themselves in American society.

The book uses a fictional setting to outline some remedies for the problem of race relations between African Americans and white people in our society. In this moving text, Haki R. Madhubuti, poet, publisher, editor, educator, and institution builder, hopes to guide young men in search of direction to make good choices and wise, informed decisions on the road to a healthy life.

Madhubuti writes as a caring father and resourceful teacher, with the insight of one who has benefited from his elders. Barack is caught between two worlds and struggles for acceptance by either side-Black enough? White enough? Jesse Jackson, late Mayor Harold Washington and Minister Louis Farrakhan, and was initially eyed with some suspicion-even by Hendon himself as the two served side by side in the Illinois state Senate.

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Since the book was compiled from a journal that Hendon kept of events as they were unfolding during the marathon campaign, we find ourselves transported back to Super Tuesday to race endlessly against a tenacious Senator Hillary Clinton, dodge scandals involving militant pastors and terrorist friends, to play running mate roulette with Republican opponent Senator John McCain. Some of the discussion deals with issues and incidents that have long since been resolved, and perhaps even forgotten, however, the memory of the uncertainty, the tough choices, the curve balls, the dirty tricks, the surprise game changers, and most of all, the nail biting stress, is preserved just as we should all want to remember it-when we were there!

In this examination of the American school system, a career education expert determines how existing policies have kept inner-city youth at a disadvantage—citing, among other issues, the achievement gap between black and white students—and lays the groundwork for future. There are no reviews yet. AldridgeSaleSociology. Add to Wishlist. Additional information Reviews 0 Additional information Weight 4 oz.

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Male for female at the bookstore

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This Ohio bookstore is shelving male-authored books backward to spotlight women