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Detroit Memories. Eileen Trombley Glick. Memories of metro Detroit in the. This website is comprised of memories submitted by visitors. All rights reserved. The entire content of this website is protected under U. You remember that Jo-Jo Shuttywho made history as the first female helicopter news traffic and. Byron MacGregor. You remember no music broadcasts on Sunday nights Their main sponsor was the. Gold Room at the Twenty Grand Nightclub. You shopped at Wrigley's where they had child-sized grocery carts. You remember Mr. Belvedere's backup slogan, "You'll look at it, you'll love it, and you'll.

Bozo's Big Top to Mr. Calliope pronounced Cal-e-opie. Buying your first two-wheel bike at Ned's on Woodward between Collingwood and Calvert. Went to the National Bank of Detroit downtown to try on a glass slipper to see if it fit You loved the Plantation Cake at Stouffer's and remember that when the Southfield restaurant. You remember the German U submarine visit to Detroit in the early '50s. You can answer the question, "When was the last time you had a good slug of the Redpop?

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You saw Johnny Pfeiffer in lights on the side of the Pfeiffer beer blimp. You reported to Fort Wayne when you were drafted, and your draft card was ed by. Pearl Wiggle. As you travel through this life, Brother What ever be your goal Keep your eye upon the doughnut. And not upon the hole. You collected door-to-door for Detroit-native Danny Thomas 's St. Jude Children's Research Hospitaland then going to the fabulous free concert for volunteers at Cobo Arena with.

Motown 's top stars. You remember playing your first hockey game outdoors at Wonderland on Schoolcraft. You remember fish sandwiches and Vernor's floats from Biff'sand Blue Moon ice cream from. Stroh's — especially on hot summer evenings. Rain or shine, you took the Concourse — not the street — between the New CenterFisher. You had soup and a reuben sandwich for lunch at the GM Cafeteria in the basement of the. GM Building. You remember seeing Harriet Berg and the Renaissance Dancers entertaining for the.

Wassail Feast at the Detroit Art Institute. You raced slot cars at Miller Feed Store in Redford. You called Fenkell "Finkle. You remember when Ernie Harwell invited Ty Tyson back to be a guest commentator for the. Detroit Tigers in You ordered groceries from Parkstone Market in Detroit and had them delivered to your house.

You remember when WKMH held a disk jockey contest and the winner would replace vacationing. Robin Seymour. You ice skated at Precious Blood field in the winter and swam at Butzel Pool in the summer. You exercised with Ed Allen on Channel 4. You saw the Ice Capades at Olympia Stadium where the ushers wore red jackets and white and red police-style hats, and your feet would freeze if you sat too close to the ice.

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Father Coughlin pastor of the Shrine of the Little Flower was a regular. You remember the tiger teeth that came onto the tv screen whenever a Detroit Tiger would hit. Farwell Field. You remember Butterball Jr. You remember Sonny Eliot saying "Drizzling and breezy, or 'dreezy' weather today. You attended the night celebration of the th anniversary in of the founding of the Detroit. You recall the Farmer Street exit from Hudson's where, if you managed to pass through the. Baked Goods department without several purchases, you were not human.

And outside that door was stationed a tall, uniformed doorman who helped people in and out of their cars. A vision of strength and support, the personification of the J. Hudson building itself. You remember JP McCarthy's Christmas sing-alongs in front of City Halllater at Kennedy Squarecomplete with hot chocolate and donuts for all, and his charity golf outings. But mostly his voice over. You remember Jax Car Wash billboards that proclaimed, "A clean car rides better.

Sitting on the rocks at a park on the Detroit River and watching the boats sliding sideways. Detroit DragwayRube Weisswho, among others, recorded their commercials. You ate at the Pickwick House restaurant with its neon and cozy wood interior. You went to Dave's Hideout on Harper and Fleetwood. You remember the elderly European gentleman in front of Hudson's selling steamed chestnuts. You picked up hot pizza and fresh canoli at Detroit Italian Baking Co. You shopped at A. You remember Jo Mendiethe chimp at the Detroit Zoo that roller skated and rode a tricycle.

You remember the Detroit mounted police patrolling Woodward Ave. You remember using your school bus card so you could ride for the DSR for a dime. You called the Pipeline on Saturday afternoons and shouted out your phone in hopes. You remember Prophet Jones and Father Divine. When S. Kresge opened their discount stores as K-Mart.

Redeeming pop bottles for a bag full of penny candy at Eddie's Barbershop and Candy Store.

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You remember when the underground conveyor at the new Northland would take your grocery purchase. KresgeRevco. Marianne'sGreat Scott! You remember reading Edgar A. Guest poems in the Detroit Free Press. When the Brown's or Wayne Creamery milkman delivered glass bottles of milk in his.

Or when the Ice Manwho wore a big leather apron and a leather cover on this shoulder, delivered big blocks of ice using a huge pair of tongs from a straw-filled wooden wagon. You went to Cobo Hall as a little girl and stood in a very long line to try on a glass slipper to see if it fit.

Prince Charming assisted. If it didn't fit, you got a beautiful. You remember Knock Knock street. You listened to music at Baker's Keyboard Lounge. You know what Redpop really is. You spent many Saturdays shopping at Five Points. You remember the Seven Sisters smoke stacks on St. Jean off Jefferson. Inyou went to the Fox Theater to see Elvis Presley.

You drank hot Vernor's when you were ill, on cold days after a walk. You rode the bus to Cobo Hall to attend the Auto Show using a discount coupon clipped from. You walked the cobblestone streets in the basement of the Detroit Historical Museum.

You cruised: 8 mile and ended up at Daly's drive-in on Groesbeck, or. Woodward from the Totem Pole to Ted's in Bloomfield. Or you had a Detroit Egg Cream made with chocolate syrup, milk and Vernor's. You bought Vernor's in a cardboard carton shaped like a megaphone with the little green gnome.

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And the prices go down, down, down Robert Hall this season will show you the reason Low overhead Mother knows for better clothes, it's back to Robert Hall again.

I love Detroit men sexy caramel Detroit

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