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We apologize for the inconvenience. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip.

Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Box; P. Box; VOL. MI NO. JUNE 6. AGRS Tractor assembly plant The Saudi Consulting House isconducr- ing studies for establishing a tractor assembly factory and an organic fertilizers plant in the Kingdom. Afghans to avoid the streets. Toastmasters International may provide the therapy you need.

Here is a special feature on public speaking.

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Nonaligned accord Nonaligncd countiies meeting ' In Havana. Cuba, agree on a t text over the Falklands conflict after a hour Vdebate. The French objective is to demonstrate that technology, is one sub- ject on which the participants can agree. June 5. Agencies — Iraqi fighier jci. There was no immediate comment from Iraq on the Ira- nian report.

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Ii:ini lies in the noihem sector of the kms batflefront in the month-oId war berween the two Gulf nations. Since the Ira- nians ousted Iraqi troops from the south- western port city of Khorramshahr, fighting has concentrated in areas around llam and further north. Ihe people of llam came out into the. Khomeini was exiled in November and returned home in February after the Shah had fled. Earlier Friday Iraqi plane. Quoting a military communiqic. It-put Iraqi losses at nine. Shah's regime. But he indicated that the Iraqis are prepared to negotiatea peace settlement while the Ira- nians are not.

It would be difficult to accept the defeat of Iraq. If Iraq is defeated, the entire strategic situation in the region would be transformed. OIC Secretary General Habib Chatti said that the foreign ministers in the team will prepare draft proposals to be submitted to the mission. The mission is composed of the presidents of Pakistan. Opening the conference President Sekou Toure of Guinea.

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West was characterized by rising unemploy- ment. This trend may last if we do not dedde to put an end to it. This program would be coordinated between the private and public sectors on an international basis, par- ticularly in the areas of energy, telecommuni- cations, robotics, electronics and space research.

The two presidents and five prime minis- ters, who aired their views on the Falklands crisis over efinner Friday night, met around a circular table in the sumptuous 17ih centurv Palace of Versailles. Prendi President Francois Minerrand, host at the summit which ends Sunday even- ing, is urging partidpanisio agree to a system of monetary cooperation aimed a t preven ting erratic swings in the exchange rates of their currencies. But die Falklands question re-emerged as an issue for the summit overnight when the U.

Later, the American U. British officials accompanying Prime Vfinister Margaret Thatcher reacted with surprise when they learned of Mrs. American delation a t Versailles said the U. France abstained Hot women looking for sex in Tohoedong it has expressed understanding for Britain's declared deter- mination to adiieve an Aigentine withdrawal from the Falkalnds. Japan, represented at Versailles by Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki, voted in favor of the resolution, whidi was sponsored bv Panama and Spain.

Hurd was on a Gulf tour earlier this Hot women looking for sex in Tohoedong during which he renewed Britain's commit- ment to stability in the Gulf region and declared Britain would intervene if asked to do so by friendly governments in the area. After a iwo-day London visit, Bishara is to proceed to Brussels for talks on bolstering the Gulf Arab states' relations whh the Euro- pean Economic Community.

Qatar and Oman. June 5 Agencies — Israeli planes ran amok in several areas in central and South Lebanon Saturday for the second consecutive day and a spokesman for the Palestine New-s Agency Wafa said first reports indicated that more than persons have been killed and over injured in indiscriminate bombincs.

This, coupled with 70 deaths in Friday's raids by the Israelis, is the largest casualty figure for any single week since the ceasefire came into force between Israel and the Pales- tine Liberation Organization last July. In retaliation, Palestinian sheWfiie struck massively across North Israel again Saturday and Israeli jet bombers and artillery retali- ated with attacks into several areas in Leba- non.

Fears were expressed here for the safety of some British civilians who are still in Port Stanley behind Argentine lines. It was hoped they would be able to shelter in stone and concrete houses from the barrage of British artillery and naval gunfire aimed at the Argentine defenses. Most of the houses in Port Stanley are made of wood. We would not p to. In London, it was stressed that the damp, wet and foggy wealherin iheFalklands would not delay an attack on the 7,strong Argen- tine garrison penned in around Pon Stanley.

Reconnaissance squ were sent in and the Argentines subjected to heavy artillery fire. Western dip- lomats said the question now was whether Israel would follow up the air attacks with a full invasion of Lebanon.

Two Israelis wciv wounded Saturday as the shelling d and drove residents of north Israel bade into their bomb shelters. In Fri- day's shelling, one Israeli was killed and two were wounded, a spokesman said, though Israel radio said about 10 persons were wounded. Many Palestinian positions were set afire Saturday in the woods and on the Mediterra- nean beaches south of Beirut along a 5n-kms stretch of the southern coastal highw-ay. Western correspondents reported seeing bodies being pulled out of the debris along the road.

Police said the death loll rose to 70 in Fri- day's Israeli raids in southern Beirut when seven of Ihe injured died in hospitals. The strikes were in retaliation for the attemp- ted assassination of Israel's ambassador in London Thursday night. A PLO communique said Saturday enemy w-arplanes bombed and rocketed Palestinian positions stretching from the fishing town of Damour just south of Beirut down to hilltop rocket-launching bases in South Lebanon.

The U. The escalating hostilities forced an indefi- nite closure of Beirut airport, one of the busiest in the Middle East, as well as the 80 kms coastal raod that links the capita] with South Lebanon. An AP correspondent was near Damour. He saw panicky motor- ists caught in massive traffic jams, trying to inch their way over a one-time goat path, mindful that the planes might return any moment. Nearby, ami-aircrafi guns opened up at one point, sending people diving out of their cars and ftantically looking for cover. Some pedestrians rushed waist-deep into the sea. Even ambulances were unable to get through to the victims whose bodies could be seen either shattered by bombs or partly buried amid rocks and dirt.

Shonly after midday, Israeli planes made several bombing runs over Khaldch. Cutting later maintenance costs for owners by preven- ting deterioration before it starts. From specifications and estimates, right through to post completion maintenance, with cost, quality and expert back-up guaranteed. BoxTel No. BoxTel. Box Tel No. One ctf the Hve contracts ed by Mon- souri provides for constructing and paving the third phase of the 87 kilometer Hail to Ola road at a' cost of SR The third contract relates to the carrying out of a study, de and supervision of 1 ,kilometer Laila to Quwaieyah to Kheif road.

The SR7. A similar con- tract worth SRS. The last contract is con- nected with the deing and superviaon of the kilometer Buraldah ring road at a cost of SR4.

Hot women looking for sex in Tohoedong

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