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After a white gunman killed eight people — including six Asian women — in Atlanta on Tuesday night, many Asian Canadians are speaking out, calling for an end to anti-Asian racism here at home and for more to be done to protect sex workers and migrants.

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On Wednesday, hours after the deadly shootings, community groups across the country issued a t news release voicing outrage and heartbreak over the killings, saying the violence at three Atlanta-area massage parlours is only a symptom of a much larger problem. Police have said the suspect in the shootings, Robert Aaron Long, 21, told them his actions were not racially motivated.

But for Asian communities that have experienced an uptick in hate since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the violence is yet another painful blow in a pattern that's been all too familiar in recent months. While incidents of anti-Asian racism are nothing new, he said, COVID and the blame on China as the suspected origin of the virus has escalated that racism to a "frenzy. According to a September report prepared by the CCNC in partnership with the Vancouver-based grassroots group ProjectCanadians have reported more anti-Asian racist incidents per capita than the U.

In Vancouver, anti-Asian hate crimes rose by per cent in the span of one year, climbing from 12 cases in to 98 inaccording to Vancouver Police Department s. When it comes to sex workers and migrants, Kong said that a lack of rights and stereotypes held by governments and law enforcement make these communities even more unsafe.

A report by the Toronto-based Butterfly network's executive director, Elene Lam, surveying massage and holistic practitioners found almost half of all respondents experienced violence in their workplace, but less than seven per cent reported these incidents to law enforcement. The report says that's because 60 per cent of respondents had negative perceptions of police. Forty per cent said they felt officers did not respect them as workers and treated them like criminals, it said.

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More than one-third of those surveyed reported that they had been abused or harassed by bylaw enforcement or police officers, with 12 per cent reporting they were physically or sexually assaulted by law enforcement officers. Alison Clancey, executive director of SWAN Vancouver, an organization that promotes the rights, health and safety of immigrant and migrant women engaged in indoor sex work, says there's little to no legal or labour protection for migrant or immigrant women working in indoor sex work in Canada.

Clancey's organization has served about women this year. Clancey said migrant sex workers often don't turn to authorities to report violence fearing they'll become the target of a prostitution or trafficking investigation herself, or be arrested and deported under immigration policy.

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Most police officers also don't distinguish between migrant sex work and human trafficking, she said, adding that enforcement actions are often based on racist stereotypes, such as Asian women in sex work needing to be saved from their situation. What they are asking for is that the violence perpetrated against them be addressed in [a] way that other community members can find recourse in the criminal justice system or other legal or labour laws and protections.

In their t statement, the CCNC, the Butterfly Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Network along with other organizations said Asian women working in massage parlours and the sex industry are often violently targeted. Many cities have excessive regulations against massage parlours that are often harmful and dangerous to women's physical safety, it goes on, such as prohibiting the locking of doors on individual workrooms — a bylaw in place in Toronto, for example.

The City of Toronto said it has heard from workers in body rub parlous, where locking individual rooms is prohibited, who say they are concerned about this provision. The concerns are related to health and safety issues and fears among workers, according to the city. The city said it has provided grants to some community groups and partners to assess migrant sex workers' needs, develop resources for sex workers, and promote harm reduction practices for those in the industry.

In the statement, the city also said it recognizes that Asian communities have been "scapegoated" and have been facing increasing incidents of racism and discrimination since the pandemic started.

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Meanwhile, the groups are also calling on the federal government to ensure migrant workers are granted legal status in Canada. For Jan Wong, co-founder of the Asian Canadian Women's Alliance, the responsibility to discourage and dismantle anti-Asian sentiment falls on all Canadians. Throughout the pandemic, Wong said she has been especially worried about getting spat on or knocked over, because "this is what has happened in Canada. Wong said she has been encouraged, however, to see people shutting down victim blaming on social media amid the news of the shootings.

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And as investigators continue to piece together what led to the violence, she says calling out anti-Asian racism in Canada is one step in the fight to end it. Toronto 'Stand with us': Anti-Asian racism in Canada is nothing new, communities say after Atlanta shootings After a white gunman killed eight people — including six Asian women — in Atlanta on Tuesday night, many Asian Canadians are speaking out, calling for an end to anti-Asian racism here at home and for more to be done to protect sex workers and migrants.

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Suspect charged in deadly Georgia massage parlour shootings that haunt Asian American community Chinese-Canadians worry about racism, job losses one year into pandemic. She says Asian and migrant women who engage in sex work have never been protected from discrimination, racism and violence, pointing to a Toronto massage parlour attack in February that left a year-old woman dead.

Toronto launches new campaign in response to anti-Asian racism spurred by COVID Homicide at Toronto massage parlour was an act of incel terrorism, police say. Atlanta shooting ram fuels fear of racially motivated attacks The National 4 months ago Anti-migrant and anti-sex worker legislation promote and encourage hate towards Asian migrant sex workers, labelling them as undeserving and unworthy of rights and protection," their statement re.

Racism 'still very much alive' in Canada as stereotypes around coronavirus spread, some warn.

Female looking for sex in Canada ga

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