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Castro kidnapped each of the women between and For years, the women endured unimaginable abuse, as they were chained, starved and tortured by Castro. The three women never gave up hope, and since their escape they have worked to help and heal others.

You know, what if? While walking home from work, a vehicle started to follow Berry down the street, and the man inside asked her if she needed a ride home. Would you like to go see her? After they entered the white, two-story house on Seymour Avenue, Castro told Berry that his daughter might be taking a bath, she said. And I never got back out. Castro took Berry upstairs and showed her something strange: a mystery woman sleeping in a bedroom in front of a television set. She later learned that the woman was Michelle Knight, who was abducted by Castro at 21 and had been held by him for almost a year.

And from there I knew, like, this was not going to be good.

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Berry said Castro chained her to a pole, shut off the lights and left her in the dark with a television on. As news of her abduction made headlines, Berry watched her mother and sister on the TV in the basement. On the fourth day of her abduction, April 24,Berry said Castro moved her to an upstairs bedroom and chained her to a radiator. With that information, they were able to narrow down that her phone had been used within a thirty to forty block area.

Once a day, Berry said, Castro gave her a bag of chips or crackers or other food to eat. But everything, including her weekly shower, came at a price. Almost a year after Berry became his prisoner, Castro went on the prowl again just five blocks away from the street where he kidnapped Berry. On the day she was kidnapped, DeJesus and Arlene were heading home from school when they went their separate ways.

But instead, Castro drove Gina to his house, where he asked her for help moving a stereo. Once inside, DeJesus was unnerved by his bizarre behavior, she said. You could go to jail.

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I kicked him and I bruised him really bad. As Castro overpowered her, DeJesus screamed for help, but the radio in his basement and the radio in the living room were too loud, DeJesus said. DeJesus said the first time Castro raped her was on May 7, Though she remembers the exact date, DeJesus said she was not comfortable discussing the details of what happened. I want that. She said that at first, Castro took special care to keep the girls divided and did not permit them to talk. The girls were occasionally allowed out of their rooms to do chores, but had to obey stringent rules.

To fill the empty hours, Berry kept a diary in notebooks, on napkins and even on fast food bags. The black-and-white television was their only window to the outside world. Miller never got to see her daughter freed. She died of heart failure three years after Berry disappeared. Like, she was always fighting. How do I feel about that? And that was because of Jocelyn. Though she was locked in with the three of them whenever Castro left the house, Jocelyn occasionally was allowed to go outside in the backyard, to the park or to Sunday services with her father. Would he ever think about touching her because, you know, he had his problems?

For the first time in 10 years, Berry said she found her bedroom door unlocked without Castro around. Downstairs, the front door was open but wired with an alarm. Beyond it, the storm door was padlocked shut, but Berry was still able to squeeze out an arm. Berry said someone passing by outside saw her, but did not intervene. Finish kicking it out, and you can get out. Once Berry was out, she called for Jocelyn to crawl through the door. The two of them found a neighbor with a phone to call Police arrived and rescued DeJesus and Knight.

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I will never know. On Aug. On Sept. He had killed himself. Two years later, DeJesus and Berry graduated from high school. Berry now works with a local news station covering missing children and adults in the Cleveland area. LOG IN. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Comments 0. Top Stories. Explosion at German chemical complex declared extreme threat 10 minutes ago. Texas shooter dies after party-goers throw bricks at him Jul 26, PM. Mask mandates return at local level as some officials defy state rules 3 hours ago. ABC News Live.

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